Ways to say I love you

A quick I Love You in between basketball games or as you are running out of the door is nice but surely there are other ways to say I love you. It is important in this busy world to slow things down, have a seat, look that love one in the eyes and express your thoughts.

Here are 20 Ways to say I love you that you can use to express your love.

1. I am Crazy in Love with you.
2. I Love who I become when I am with You.
3. I want to hold hands I go for a Walk with you.
4. You Make Me happy when my Skies are grey.
5. You are never alone when I am around.
6. I pronounce us Husband and Wife forever and ever.
7. You are my Romantic love story.
8. I love you like I love our first date.
9. I love waking up to you on a rainy day.
10.  I am so glad you are in my life.
11. I hate being away from you even for one moment.
12. I just want to Kiss your lips, your face, your neck.
13. I think you are something kind of Special.
14. I appreciate you, I Love you.
15. You are the beat to my heart and soul.
16. I want to spend today with you on the beach.
17. I am happy, I know it and it's because of you.
18. You make me Feel like I can do anything, thank you.
19. Thank you for loving me on my worst days.
20. Thank you for loving me.

There are many ways to say I love you. Don't use the phone or email, find a moment, find some space and tell someone how much you love them.

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